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Top Lawyers Reunion in Renmin to Honor Professor Gao Mingxuan 


Professor Gao Mingxuan, a prominent jurist, legal scholar, and the founder of the criminal legal studies in the PRC era, has made great contribution to his area of expertise in terms of legal education and academic research. He is the only scholar who participated in all stages of the formulation of the first Chinese Criminal Code, the first doctoral advisor in the field of the Chinese criminal law and the chief editor of the first unified criminal law textbook. Already an honorary first-rank professor of Renmin Law School, he has been awarded a national honorary title as “People’s Educationist” recently.

On October 13, 2019, the seminar was successfully held in Renmin Law School. Attendees of the seminar included prominent scholars, judges, lawyers as well as other outstanding alumni of Renmin Law School. Professor Jin Nuo, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Renmin University of China, Ji Lin, the member of the National Committee of the CPPCC (Chinese People,s Political Consultative Conference), Jiang Wei, the Vice President of the Supreme People,s Court, and Tong Jianming, the Deputy Procurator General of the Supreme People,s Procuratorate, also attended the seminar.

Professor Wang Yi, Dean of Renmin Law School, moderated the seminar and delivered a brief opening speech. After the opening ceremony, the first unit of the seminar officially started. Attendees from six administrative departments and academic institutions delivered speeches respectively.

Song Yushui, the Vice President of Beijing Intellectual Property Court, expressed her great respect for Professor Gao, especially for his academic achievements. As a former student of Professor Gao, she cited “one would devote all his time to the country”, a line from Professor Gao’s favorite Peking Opera, to describe Professor Gao’s venerable patriotism. Professor Long Yifei then introduced Professor Gao’s contribution to Renmin Law School as the former Dean. During his term of appointment, he reconstructed the subject of civil law from six aspects, including civil legislation, teaching, scientific research, civil trial practice, international exchange and faculty training. Following that, Professor Feng Jun introduced Professor Gao,s major legal studies. According to his speech, Professor Gao covers a wide range of research fields, from the general provisions of the criminal law to many other provisions of the criminal law. In recent years, he has also started to study cybercrime and other cutting-edge legal questions.

The second unit of this seminar was moderated by Professor Yang Dong, Vice Dean of Renmin Law School. After speeches delivered by various prominent legal practitioners, the seminar moved on to the final unit of free discussion. Professor Shi Yanan, Director of the Research Center of Criminal Jurisprudence of Renmin University of China, moderated this unit.

The honorary title of “People’s Educationist” is not only a great honor for Professor Gao personally, but is also a great honor for Renmin Law School. With Professor Gao as a role model, students and faculty members of RLS should pull their weight to promote the construction of rule of law in China.


(Editor: SHAN Wenjie, MA Hang, ZHANG Xiaochen)