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Renmin University of China Law School Celebrated 70th Anniversary



On October 2nd, 2020, Renmin University of China Law School celebrated its 70th anniversary. 

RUC Law School, as the first law school founded by the Peoples Republic of China, has been committed to educating future lawyers, scholars and teachers, and taken an active part in the enactment and revisions of Chinas Constitution, Criminal Law, Civil Code and so on. Her alumni include members of legislature, distinguished judges, leading academics, and a large number of practicing lawyers. Since its founding, it has cultivated a large number of talents and has made significant achievements in legal research, playing an important role in legal education and the rule of law.

Deans and jurists of more than 250 prominent law schools around the world extended their congratulations to Renmin Law School.

The ceremony 

Mr. Wang Chen, Deputy Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, President of China Law Society, delivered a keynote speech. He stressed that President Xi Jinping and the Chinese government attach great importance to the rule of law.  Governance by law in all fields has been prioritized, and the rule of law has been advanced in China, in which Renmin University of China Law School has been a critical player.

Mr. Wang Chen

University President Liu Wei extended warm welcome to all the distinguished guests and expressed sincere congratulations to the 70th Anniversary of RUC Law School. Liu Wei reviewed the glory and contributions of Renmin Law School, and further advocated stronger international cooperation in legal education in meeting the challenge of the global pandemic.

President Liu Wei

University Professor Wang Liming, Former Deputy President of RUC traced Renmin Law,s tradition and the active role it played during the past 70 years in the construction of the rule of law and legal education in China. In future, RUC Law School shall continue to make a difference.

Professor Wang Liming 

University Vice-President and Law School Dean Wang Yi reviewed that the law school was established as a pilot project for the nation. After 70 years, exploration, Renmin Law School has made great achievements. Wang expressed his sincere gratitude to the partners who worked together with Renmin Law School in the past seven decades, showed his respect to those who devoted themselves to the rule of law in China, and delivered his expectation of the new generation,s contribution to serving the society.

Dean Wang Yi 

As an institutional tradition, Renmin Law School always attributes her success to the legal educators. Eight senior faculty members, as the representative, received salute from the law school: Professors Liu Suping, Zhang Xipo, Guo Yuzhao, Gu Chunde, Lv Shilun, Zhu Jingwen, Han Yusheng and Ms. Li Lianhong.

Representatives of the teachers

Prestigious institutional partners around the world delivered remarks at the forum, including Deans from University of Oxford, Mindy Chen-Wishart, Yale University Heather K. Gerken, University of Munich Christian Walter, the University of Sydney Simon Bronitt, National University of Singapore Simon Chesterman, Former Vice-Dean from Harvard Law School William Alford, as well as other other leading academics.

Presidents and Deans of leading domestic institutions, including Peking University Pan Jianfeng, Tsinghua University Shen Weixing, Fudan University Wang Zhiqiang, Chinese Academy of Social Science Chen Su, and other prestigious partners discussed challenges and opportunities in Chinese legal education.

Building upon her past achievements, Renmin University of China Law School will continue to devote herself in working with partners around the world for mutual learning, wider exchanges, and extending cooperation channels in legal education and research, in order to make a contribution for the people in the nation and the world, to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

(Editor: Ji Xiangge, Yuan Xiaokun, Sun Hanlin)